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    American Corners

    American Corners are partnerships between the Public Affairs sections of U.S. Embassies and host institutions (mostly public libraries). They provide access to current and reliable information about the U.S. via book collections, the Internet, eLibrary USA databases and through a variety of events such as public readings, films, speaker programs, workshops, meetings, and exhibits done in close cooperation with the Embassy.

Stories from Poland

  • Jonathan Chappell
    Jonathan Chappell

    I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Poland from 1998-2000. I served as an Environmental Education and Awareness Volunteer in Lodz. My primary site was the Pollution Prevention Center at the Technical University of Lodz - 'Osrodek Zapobiegania Zanieczyszczeniu Srodowiska'.  

  • Alison Evans Davis
    Alison Evans Davis

    I will never forget my first day of teaching at Wyższej Szkoły Środowiska w Bydgoszczy. My students – who were pursuing their bachelor degrees in environmental science – were just a few years younger than I was. I had never taught a class in my life, much less a university level course on a topic as highly specialized as “sustainable development approaches for the Baltic Region.” 

  • Charles Frederick
    Charles Frederick

    I was one of the few who served in TWO groups here in Poland. I say here, because I still live and teach in Poland. I began my service as a PC Trainee with Poland V in Warsaw. After a hot summer (the first words I remember learning were Lody & Piwo), I was sworn in as a PC Vol at the Ambassador's residence in August 1992.  

  • Martha Golubiec
    Martha Golubiec

    Here in Seattle we had the pleasure of knowing Suzanne Rymer who became a member of our Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Assoc probably 14 years ago. She was a smiling happy person ready to contribute to the success of our organization and our annual Seattle Polish Film Festival. She moved to Montana and sad to say we lost touch. She always talked very positively about her work with the Peace Corps in Poland. 

  • Robyn Needleman
    Robyn Needleman

    In June 1998, I began a two year adventure with Peace Corps in Poland. I was 22 years old and had graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Government and Politics. I was inspired to live outside the United States after having lived in Spain for a few months while in college. I loved becoming a part of a culture other than my own. I loved experiencing new places, meeting new people, eating new foods, and learning to speak a new language. 

  • Ewa Newerle-Wolska
    Ewa Newerle-Wolska

    Does anyone remember Peace Corps volunteers? Of course! In 1990 my husband and I worked in a newly established English Teacher Training College in Krosno. One day the Mayor of the City Council visited the college and asked both the staff and the students to take care of Jim Cason, a Peace Corps volunteer who came to Krosno to work on some environment project for the city. At that time few people spoke English so Jim needed help in everyday communication. 

  • Laura Oldanie
    Laura Oldanie

    Peace Corps offered me a volunteer post teaching high school English in Poland. After having waited a year to make it through all of the medical clearance hurdles, I was extremely eager to begin my international adventure and jumped at the chance to head to a country I knew very little about. 

  • Krzysztof Strzemeski
    Krzysztof Strzemeski

    Do I remember Peace Corps? Yes, of course, I do. The period I spent in it has belonged to the most exciting and formative years of my life although I have never been a PC volunteer. I want to tell my story from the perspective of one it the program’s first Polish APCDs, host-national Associate Peace Corps Directors. (I am surprised I still remember the jargon). 

  • PC logo
    Angelo Pressello

    I served with the Peace Corps in Poland from 1994-1996. My wife Beata (Jachura) worked for the Peace Corps from around 1993 until it closed the office. We live in Warsaw now – I myself settled in Poland immediately after my service ended. I am in touch with a lot of the former volunteers, and there is a Peace Corps Poland page on Facebook as well. There are at least five other former volunteers living in Poland right now.