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BRAND USA Unveils “Discover America”

26 April 2012
BRAND USA Unveils “Discover America”

BRAND USA Unveils “Discover America”

As part of President Obama’s initiative to increase travel to the United States and the U.S. Travel Promotion Act, federal legislation passed in March 2010 which established a public-private partnership between the travel industry and the U.S. government dedicated to increasing international visitation to the U.S. through marketing and promotional efforts to drive job creation and spur economic growth, BRAND USA recently launched “Discover America”, a campaign to promote international travel to the United States.

Brand USA, the new tourism marketing entity responsible for promoting the United States to world visitors, unveiled the USA’s first-ever comprehensive marketing campaign today during a press conference at International Pow Wow, the largest U.S. travel trade show held this week in Los Angeles. The campaign showcases the diversity of experiences available in the United States in a fresh and unexpected light, inviting visitors to “Discover this land, like never before.” 

Rosanne Cash, daughter of American music legend Johnny Cash and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, has composed an original song, “Land of Dreams,” to serve as the heart of the campaign. Initial advertisements feature Cash playing the song under New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, accompanied by musicians from around the world. As part of its marketing efforts, Brand USA will extend invitations to musical artists from around the world to come perform their music in their favorite U.S. cities and towns, profiling their trips and favorite things about the USA online and through social media. “Land of Dreams” is available for free download at 

In an official press release, the State Department said: 

“The State Department supports Brand USA, a public-private partnership with the mission of promoting increased international travel to the United States, and applauds the unveiling of its initial marketing campaign. We welcome its efforts as part of the President’s tourism initiative to support economic growth and job creation. 

We’re also looking at other ways we can work with Brand USA to promote economic growth and job creation. We will leverage our presence overseas and our public diplomacy to welcome more visitors to America’s great destinations. We will work closely with industry, Brand USA, and our colleagues across the U.S. government to send a positive message to foreign visitors that the United States is an attractive travel destination.”

On the State Department’s official blog DipNote, Ken Chavez, spokesperson for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, said:

“On Monday, Brand USA unveiled their marketing campaign in front of a packed room. The centerpiece of the campaign is an original song from Roseanne Cash. The crowd loved "Land of Dreams," and it was inspiring to see the diversity in people and places in the accompanying video. President Barack Obama also sent along a video message of support. It was great to see such high-level interest in the Pow Wow and Brand USA, which further demonstrates the U.S. government's commitment to secure and efficient travel to the United States. 

Although I am exhausted -- and voiceless -- after my three days at the Pow Wow, I couldn't be happier to have witnessed the excitement about the extraordinary demand for travel to the United States and to get the word out on the State Department's efforts to encourage even more visitors to Discover America.” 


About Brand USA
Brand USA was established by the Travel Promotion Act in 2010 to spearhead the nation’s first global marketing effort to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and communicate U.S. entry/exit policies and procedures. Formed as the Corporation for Travel Promotion, the public-private entity began operations in May 2011 and does business as Brand USA. Brand USA works in close partnership with the travel industry to maximize the economic and social benefits of travel. Through its call-to-action——Brand USA inspires travelers to explore the United States of America’s boundless possibilities. For industry or partner information about Brand USA, visit For information about exceptional and unexpected travel experiences in the United States, please visit Brand USA’s consumer website at

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