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League of Green Embassies

7 December 2011
League of Green Embassies event

League of Green Embassies event

On December 6, Ambassador Feinstein hosted a reception and exhibition, providing a firsthand look at recent changes in his residence to improve its energy efficiency.  The United States Embassy in Warsaw is a member of the League of Green Embassies, a group of over 70 U.S. diplomatic missions worldwide that are committed to implementing and sharing ideas and best practices to improve energy efficiency. 

A number of leading U.S. companies and companies using technology developed in the U.S. supported the work at Ambassador Feinstein’s residence and ten other official U.S. residences throughout Europe:

-    3M will install transparent window film, which will block over 99% of UV rays and help keep rooms cool during the summer months.

-    Belkin supplied improved power-strips to help regulate electricity usage in the home.

-    Danfoss installed time-controlled thermostats connected to a wireless remote-control system that will improve heat management throughout the house.

-    GreenLight Ventures replaced the outdoor lighting on the flag pole with a managed, more efficient system.

-    Niagara Conservation installed aerators on sinks to reduce water consumption.

-    Phillips is upgrading the incandescent lighting throughout the house using new energy efficient bulbs.

-    Whirlpool provided its newest Green Generation appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, and a microwave that reduce both energy and water consumption.

The Embassy also displayed the Opel Ampera, the first extended-range electric car in Europe, during the event.  Manufactured by General Motors and known as the Chevrolet Volt in the United States, it is the most fuel-efficient car sold in the United States and will soon be coming to the European market.  Ambassador Feinstein highlighted for the participants President Obama’s recent decision to mandate that all light-duty vehicles bought for use by the U.S. federal government must be powered by alternative fuel sources by the end of 2015.

Ambassador Feinstein also emphasized that the United States is working together with leading innovators from the private sector to advance positive steps to increase energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency is a key component of the Obama administration’s commitment to a clean energy economy.  President Obama’s Executive Order on Federal Sustainability commits the federal government to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 28% from 2008 levels by 2020.   Over the last two years, federal agencies have invested $5.8 billion in energy efficiency projects for federal buildings.  Ambassador Feinstein added:  “Energy cooperation in both the public and private sectors represents a central element in our bilateral relationship with Poland.”  The success of the December 6 event attests to the interest of both the United States and Poland to strengthen our energy security by improving our energy efficiency.

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