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Document Checklist: DV Visas

In order to improve visa processing, all the documents provided by the applicants should be prepared and assembled as described below. Please put the documents in the following sequence before the interview.


The passport should be valid for at least sixty days beyond the period of validity of the visa. Please remove any plastic sleeves/coverings from the passport.

Important: Each applicant should bring his/her previous passport(s) with U.S. visas, otherwise your visa may be refused until the consular officer can review them.

UID Number

Please print out and bring to the Embassy the confirmation page of your GSS registration and passport TNT pick-up location choice. The confirmation page must contain the barcode and your UID number.


Each applicant must submit two photos which meet all the requirements listed here. Photos must be signed at the back with your last and first name.

Immigrant Visa Application Forms

Complete online (if you have not done it earlier) the biographic data form DS-260 for each person applying for a visa, regardless of age. The form is accessible through CEAC website at You can find more information on completing the online forms at

To access and complete the DS-260 you will need your case number and principal applicant's date of birth (in the format YYYYMMDD).

Birth Certificate

For applicants born in Poland only complete version of a birth certificate (Odpis zupełny aktu urodzenia) is accepted. Polish "short form" of birth certificate is not accepted.

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Married persons are required to present a certified copy of their marriage certificate (one copy for every spouse). Please note that only complete versions of Polish marriage certificates (Odpis zupełny aktu małżeństwa) are accepted. The Polish "short form" marriage certificate is not accepted

Evidence of the Termination of Prior Marriages (if applicable)

Any applicant who has been previously married must obtain evidence of the termination of each prior marriage such as final divorce decree, death certificate or annulment of marriage.

Police Certificate

Police certificates are required for every applicant aged 16 or over. If the applicant has been convicted of any crime in any country, a copy of the court record of each conviction is required (with translation into English). For further information on how to obtain police certificate click here.

Military Records

All applicants with current or prior military service must provide military records. Military records must contain a complete record of the applicant's service and conduct while in the service. The record must show any convictions of crime before military tribunals.

Medical Examinations

All applicants should submit the results of medical examination in the original unopened envelope. For further information regarding required medical examination click here.

Financial Documents

Diversity Visa applicants must demonstrate that they have the financial means to support themselves and not become a public charge on the U.S. government. 

Evidence of Required Education or Work Experience

This requirement applies only to the principal applicant whose entry was selected in the lottery. For additional details, please see the DV instructions (PDF - 325.8 kb). 


Documents in Polish, except for court records, do not have to be translated. All documents that are not written in English or Polish must be translated into English by a certified translator.