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Polish Alumni Association

Alumni Association Logo

The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw has been developing the Alumni Association in Poland in order to bring former visitors of U.S. Government-funded programs together. Our goals are to help the Association to develop strength in numbers, network with other alumni of USG exchange programs, perform community service projects, support the next generation, and reach out to recruit new exchange participants.

Polish Alumni Association Events and News

  • Alumni Association Meets Top 500 Innovators
    Alumni Association Meets Top 500 Innovators
    pril 2n, 2014, the representatives of the Alumni Association and the Top 500 Innovators Association met. The Top 500 Innovators Association that gathers alumni of the "TOP 500 Innovators: Science - Management – Commercialization" program of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Its alumni spent two months at Stanford or Berkeley University where they participated in a special course aimed at bringing innovations to the market.The activity of the Association includes promotion of inventions, academic entrepreneurship as well as commercialization of the research results.
  • Jacek Nieckuła , President of Alumni Association, welcomes guests of the debate.
    Debate on „TTIP: a New Opening in Transatlantic Relations?”
    Alumni Association was a partner of the debate about the significance of TTIP negotiations for the U.S. and E.U. relations, which was organized on December 2, 2013 by Center for International Relations (Centrum StosunkówMiędzynarodowych),Konrad Adenauer Foundation and THINKTANK analytical center.
  • Ambassador Mull's Letter to Alumni
    Ambassador Mull's Letter to Alumni

    Dear Alumni, 

    The warm friendship between the United States and Poland today rests on the strong ties that have existed between the people of our two countries for hundreds of years.  Poles were in the U.S. from the launch of the colony in Jamestown, Virginia; at our sides fighting for our independence in the American Revolution; and shoulder-to-shoulder with us in every major conflict in our history since then.  Poles helped build the America we know and love today, not only on our farms and in our factories and mines, but in our universities, laboratories and important cultural institutions. 
  • Alumni Discuss the Functioning of U.S. Airports
    Alumni Discuss the Functioning of U.S. Airports
    December 4th, 2012 the alumni gathered in Warsaw at a special event to discuss the functioning of U.S. airports and airport security from American and Polish perspectives. Former IVPL participants, Dr. Jan Malawko of University of Warsaw and Mr. Maciej Urbański, Board representative for security in Sygnity S.A., presented the topic opening the floor for discussion and exchange of viewpoints among invited alumni. The event participants particularly valued learning about the U.S. experiences in the functioning of U.S. airports and security which Mr. Malawko and Mr. Urbański shared partly deriving the information from their International Visitor Leadership Program experience.
  • Absolwent IVLP organizuje seminarium
    Absolwent IVLP organizuje seminarium

    Mateusz Komorowski, prezes Międzynarodowego Instytutu Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego (MISO), zorganizował 15 stycznia 2013 r. polsko-amerykańskie seminarium z cyklu „Discover America” pt. „Micro-targeting: How U.S. Campaigns Harness Data to Win Votes” dla przedstawicieli młodzieżowych organizacji politycznych. Gościem spotkania był Frankie Sturm, zastępca attaché  kulturalnego z Ambasady USA w Warszawie.

    W seminarium uczestniczyli przedstawiciele wszystkich młodzieżówek partii obecnych w Sejmie (z wyjątkiem Forum Młodych Prawa i Sprawiedliwości, które nie wzięło udziału w projekcie): Stowarzyszenie "Młodzi Demokraci" (Platforma Obywatelska), Forum Młodych Ludowców (Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe), Federacja Młodych Socjaldemokratów (Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej), Klub Młodych Solidarnej Polski (Solidarna Polska), Ruch Młodych (Ruch Palikota).

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