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DHL Passport and Immigrant Visa Delivery

In an effort to improve customer service by decreasing lines and wait times, the Immigrant Visa Unit is now returning all passports and visas to Polish applicants by courier. Applicants will need to provide an accurate delivery address in Poland at the time of their interview. After an applicant’s visa application is approved, the consular officer will hand the applicant a DHL receipt, and the passport and visa will be returned via DHL Express courier service.

DHL has provided a special rate to U.S. Embassy Warsaw, and the fee for this service is 23 PLN (cash on delivery). Passports are delivered within five working days. Before attempting to make a delivery, DHL will contact the applicant via telephone. Delivery status can be checked using the receipt number at the DHL website: or by calling the info-line: 0-801 345 345.

This service only applies to delivery in Poland, so immigrant visa applicants from Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania will still need to return to the Embassy and pick up their visas.


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